Boudoir is so much more than a Photo Shoot {Columbus Boudoir}

While I enjoy my sessions with the women that choose me for their boudoir sessions, I take it serious as hell too.  We are in the position, as the photographer, to essentially make it or break it.  A lot of women come in to the studio when they are feeling very vulnerable and they are even scared, nervous and more. Emotions are usually high on shoot day!  But it is my job to make them forget the stress for the day!  I had a client email me and say I can share some of her images so I wanted to jump on that!  I don’t get as many clients I can show mostly due to wanting to keep their lives, and their butts off the internet!!

So here is a few words from Ms. C (we will call her for anonymity) :

“I booked that shoot because I needed to feel beautiful. I needed to undo the harm that someone caused me.. I needed to see if somewhere inside me I still had any fight left.   Your pictures made me see that I’m beautiful, no matter how many times someone told me otherwise. Your pictures made me feel strong, when others called me weak. Your photographs allowed me to stop being the victim and gave me the strength to fight. I look at that book now when I’m feeling weak and sad and I remember how you made me feel that day. Like I was superwoman. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  I’m forever grateful.”

What women don’t realize is they ARE gorgeous, and strong and amazing.  It is already there.  But sometimes they need someone else to show them and remind them.
Here is a sampling of her gorgeous images: