Empowering Intimate Photo Sessions

Hello there!  I am Heather Walker, owner of Columbus Boudoir.  

I have been photographing intimate boudoir in Columbus, Ohio and beyond since 2008.  Before that I photographed many different types of portraiture, but once I started with boudoir and working with women to show them their true beauty, I never looked back!

In this line of work I can't show every client, due to privacy. But when I get the chance to share, I really enjoy telling the stories of the different women that I get to photograph.  Check out some of my work and a bit about each session.

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To check out some of my favorite work please click here on the image to the right.  I can't possibly show all I have shot in the past 10 years, so I am trying to keep it to the last year.  That way you can see my most recent work and make sure you like my style before you chose me for your boudoir photographer!