How to find the right boudoir photographer for you.

So you’ve decided to do a boudoir shoot… YAY!
I am so glad you’ve come to that decision. Congratulations on stepping out of your comfort zone, you will have an amazing experience.
Here are some helpful things to consider when choosing your boudoir photographer…



1. Are You Comfortable With Them?
This is the most important thing you should consider when choosing a photographer!
Being comfortable with your photographer will make your boudoir experience exciting and empowering rather than stressful and nerve racking.
If you are not comfortable with your photographer, it WILL show in your images. Nervousness shows up in your poses, facial expressions and eyes and unfortunately… no amount of photo editing can get rid of it.
The best thing to do is to meet with your photographer for an in person consultation, before your shoot. This is a great opportunity to get all of your questions answered, see samples of their products (albums, wall art, etc.), get a tour of the studio, and see if it will be a good fit!

2. Do You Love Their Photo Style?
Review their work on their instagram and website and make sure you love their style.
By looking at their instagram and not just their website you will get a better idea of their overall work, instead of their top 10 portfolio photos.
You will also be able to see if they shoot everyday women or just have experience shooting models.
*Bonus Tip: Pinterest is a great way to look for ideas, and create a custom board that you can share with your photographer so that they can customize the shoot to what you are envisioning.

3. Who Else Is On Their Team?
Everybody has a different comfort level, but having an all female team (hair and makeup artists, assistants, etc) can make the experience more comfortable and relaxing.

4. How Long Will The Shoot Be?
You don’t want it to be TOO long…a 4 hour shoot can be very tiresome and your lack of energy will come through in your images but…
You don’t want it to be TOO short either.
If the shoot is 30 minutes but it takes you 20 minutes to fully relax, then only 1/3 of the images will capture you in your comfort zone.

Wait, Price Isn’t On That List…
Finding a photographer in your price range can be an important factor, as long as you can still get the quality and professional expertise for your once in a lifetime shoot.

99% of my clients are everyday women, just like you who have never done a shoot either. This is my expertise! The pictures you see on my website and social media… all clients who have given me permission to use their images. No Models! I got you!!

Price Shopping Nightmare
I recently met with Christine (my now client) who told me about her boudoir price shopping nightmare.
She had always dreamed about doing a boudoir shoot as a gift to her husband, and herself.
Christine wasn’t educated on all the details that go into a boudoir shoot and on all the different options. So, she went shopping for a photographer solely based on price…
Christine found a photographer on a local bargain services site at a great price and booked her shoot. They had not met prior to the shoot and Christine did the best to prepare based on what she thought she needed.

Christine left feeling discouraged, rushed and like she had failed her shoot. When she saw her images, she saw the nervousness in her expressions and was reminded of her stressful experience every time she looked at them.
Christine had stepped out of her comfort zone to do something incredible, hoping to feel empowered and instead she felt disappointed and had wasted her money.
I was so glad when Christine contacted me. She had an amazing time during our shoot and (I kid you not) cried when she saw her images, because she was so blown away! They were the most gorgeous photos she had ever seen of herself and for the first time she was truly seeing how beautiful she was and how her husband, friends and family saw her.
Beware of price shopping and make sure you do your due diligence to avoid an experience like Christine had!